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AppTweak’s leading ASO tool has undergone a considerable makeover over the past few years, and some interesting innovations might have slipped your attention. In this blog, we share our favorite 10 hidden gems on AppTweak that could make a difference in growing your apps and games even further.

Hidden gem #1: Optimize Metadata

Did you know that AppTweak recently launched a new feature called Optimize Metadata that will make your keyword selection process even more efficient?

This tool allows you to write and compare drafts for your title, subtitle, and keyword field for iOS, or for your title, short description, and long description for Google Play.

Optimize Metadata worksheetOptimize Metadata worksheet.

We have also added an insightful metric called “Recommendation” that suggests the keywords we believe you should include in your metadata based on ASO best practices. This is an indicator between 1 (low) and 4 (high) that takes into account the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI), rankings, and downloads of your app and your competitors.

AppTweak’s Recommendation metric AppTweak’s new Recommendation metric (extreme right of the table) in Optimize Metadata feature.

Have you already explored this new feature? If not, be sure to check it out the next time you’re on AppTweak!

Learn how to use Optimize Metadata to choose the best keywords for your app

Hidden gem #2: Explore our advanced top chart interface

Our top charts feature is more than just a list of the most popular apps!

  1. Filter the top charts by date to see which apps dominated the top charts in the past. Simply click on the clock icon at the top of the chart and a pop-up will appear showing the top apps on that specific date.
  2. View the top charts by growth over a selected date range for any country or category on both iOS and Google Play.
  3. Compare top charts across different countries by creating, editing, and duplicating up to 9 different charts. You can even reorder your top charts by simply dragging and dropping them in the order of your choice.

AppTweak's top chart feature

Top chart interfaceThe top 5 apps in the Health & Fitness category in the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, and Belgium on Google Play and the App Store.

So, if you want to get ahead of the game by keeping an eye on the rising apps in the market, don’t neglect this feature!

Hidden gem #3: Analyze your app’s performance worldwide

On AppTweak, you can monitor your worldwide category ranking, downloads, and more! You can use the Worldwide View in our Analytics section to easily spot the countries in which your app is performing well and those in which your app is falling behind.

To access this section, click on the country selector in the app header and select “Worldwide.”

Worldwide view in AppTweak's AnalyticsWorldwide view” in AppTweak’s Analytics.

In worldwide view, AppTweak will show you your app’s rankings in the selected category in all available countries. AppTweak also highlights your app’s top 3 best- and worst-performing countries in terms of category ranking.

App category ranking in worldwide view
App category ranking in worldwide view on AppTweak.

If you want to analyze your app’s worldwide performance in terms of downloads, go to the Store Performance tab. This not only shows the countries in which your app drives most of its downloads, but also indicates your app’s worldwidetotal downloads and average daily downloads.

App download estimates in worldwide viewApp download estimates in worldwide view on AppTweak.

Hidden gem #4: Auto-translate keywords, metadata, & reviews

Are you localizing your app in many different languages? Ever needed to analyze the potential of keywords despite having no idea of their meaning? Fret no more! AppTweak has a magic button to ease your way out.

Instead of heading to Google Translate to translate each keyword one by one, you can translate your followed keywords (in any language) into English, French, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese (Simplified) depending on the language you have set on AppTweak. This will help you understand the meaning of the keywords you are evaluating and focus on the ones most suitable for your app.

Auto translate keywords on AppTweakThis feature is also available in the “Overview” tab for any app. In one single click, you can now translate your and your competitors’ metadata from any foreign language into English.

Translate app metadata on AppTweakDid you know that AppTweak also lets you translate the reviews left on foreign-language app stores?

Translate reviews on AppTweakTranslate reviews on AppTweak.

Hidden gem #5: Relevancy score (new KPI) in the keyword table

When choosing the best keywords for your ASO work, you may look for the ones with the highest search volumes and the biggest opportunity to rank your app high. You could also consider the number of potential installs each keyword would bring to your app. However, did you know that AppTweak also allows you to focus on keywords that are highly relevant to your app?

To help you choose the most relevant keywords for your app, we have introduced a relevancy score for each keyword on AppTweak. The relevancy score is an indicator between 0 and 100 that indicates how suitable a keyword is to an app – a higher score indicates higher relevancy.

This feature, available for Power plans and Enterprise plans in the US, can be found here:

Relevancy score on AppTweakRelevancy Score on AppTweak.

Hidden gem #6: Visualize & monitor in-app events on AppTweak

Did you hear the news? AppTweak was the first ASO tool to provide data on iOS 15 in-app events!

In the ASO Report section, you will be able to detect which of your competitors are running in-app events. You can also find details about the event, such as the start/end date, event requirements, and a detailed view of the description.

ASO Report on AppTweakThus, you can immediately compare the type of events that you and your competitors are currently running.

Our Timeline section also allows you to analyze the frequency and duration of your (and your competitors’) iOS 15 in-app events.

Timeline section on AppTweakThe purple line marks when an in-app event occurred. When you click the line, you will find more details about the in-app event in the section underneath the Timeline.

Check out this blog to gain more insights into in-app events on AppTweak

Hidden gem #7: 25,000 monthly credits with AppTweak’s new API

AppTweak’s new API allows you to programmatically access data from over 3 million apps on the App Store and Google Play.

Every Pro plan and above now automatically receives 25,000 monthly credits and unrestricted access to all API requests!

API dashboard on AppTweakAPI dashboard on AppTweak.

AppTweak promises a smooth user experience for app marketers and developers with our new API! We have created clear documentation that provides you with ready-made code samples.

With these code samples, you can operate use cases with your chosen data and a major part of the code already formulated. In just a few clicks, you can get your hands on the samples and paste them into your preferred programming language!

Learn more about AppTweak’s new API

Hidden gem #8: Customize your keyword table

On AppTweak, you can customize your table view to focus only on the metrics that are the most important for your app!

Just click on the blue button with the icon named “Display.” Here, you can customize your keyword table and check the boxes for the metrics that you would like to view on the table.

Customize keyword tableCustomize your keyword table on AppTweak.

Hidden gem #9: Organic installs per keyword for Google Play

If you integrate your Google Play Console with AppTweak, you can access your exact top install keywords and their associated metrics directly in our keyword table.

When you sync your account, you will find the list of your top install keywords in the Analytics section under the tab “Google Keywords,” where we list your app’s top install-driving keywords. We also show vital metrics like store listing visitors, conversion rate, store listing acquisitions, etc.

AppTweak also makes it easier to build your keyword lists by letting you access your top install keywords directly in our “Keyword Suggestion” tool. Here, we show your top install keywords and the number of downloads they bring to your app. All you have to do is click on the keywords you want to add to your list to get extra metrics.

Top install keywords on AppTweakAccess your top install keywords directly on AppTweak’s Keyword Suggestion tool.

Finally, if you connect your console with AppTweak, the installs per keyword displayed in all relevant tables and charts will be those directly provided by Google. That is to say, we will replace AppTweak’s estimates with the data coming from your integration. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate your app’s performance with great accuracy!

Installs per keyword on AppTweakInstalls per keyword on AppTweak.

Hidden gem #10: Reply to app reviews directly on AppTweak

On AppTweak, you can reply directly to reviews left for your app!

For each review that has not yet been answered, you will see the button “Give an answer to this review.” If you click on this, you will be able to reply. Once you are done, just click “Submit.”

Reply to reviews on AppTweakReply to reviews on AppTweak.

In case you want to revisit a review you have already published to change your answer, you can also edit a past reply on AppTweak.

To do so, click the “edit” icon next to your reply and then hit “Submit.” You can also delete a reply by clicking the bin icon.

Discover how and why you should reply to app reviews on iOS and Google Play

Bonus hidden gem: Export your data in just a few clicks!

Here’s a bonus gem for the AppTweak enthusiasts!

New export system on AppTweakAppTweak’s new export dashboard.

Our export system makes it easy for you to quickly export all your data from the tool.

Click on the button “New export” on your dashboard and see a pop-up appear. Pick your preferred countries from your followed apps. Next, choose the datasets you want to export (here, you may also add competitors’ data by checking the “Include Competitor’s Data” box). Finally, confirm and launch to export the data of your choice.

You will be redirected to the export interface page where all your requested exports will be saved. That’s it!


AppTweak’s leading ASO tool has lots of exciting features to help improve the efficiency of your ASO work. Here’s a recap of our favorite hidden gems that you might have missed on AppTweak:

  1. Choose the best keywords for your app with Optimize Metadata.
  2. Visualize the top-performing apps in the market with Top Charts.
  3. Monitor your app’s worldwide performance with Worldwide View.
  4. Auto-translate metadata, keywords, and reviews.
  5. Find the most relevant keywords for your app with our Relevancy Score.
  6. Monitor in-app events in the ASO Report and Timeline.
  7. Visualize mobile data your way with our new API.
  8. Customize your keyword table to view your most important metrics.
  9. Access exactorganic installs per keyword for Google Play in our keyword table.
  10. Reply to reviews directly on AppTweak.
  11. Get customized reports with our easy export system.

So, what do you think about these hidden gems on AppTweak? Were you familiar with a few of these? In case you had missed them, don’t hesitate to check them out and share your feedback!

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