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  • Monitor where your app appears in “Similar Apps” & “You May Also Like” collections
  • Track visibility over time & estimate impact on organic downloads
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Get the full picture of your app’s visibility

Learn which apps are referring users to your own in “Similar Apps” or “You May Also Like” suggestions. Analyze & monitor impact on browse/explore traffic.

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Which apps are recommended on my app page?

At the bottom of every app page, you’ll find a list of suggested or similar apps. With AppTweak, keep an eye on the apps Apple & Google are suggesting in these “Similar Apps” or “You May Also Like” collections on your product page.

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Where is my app featured in a “Similar Apps” collection?

Get the full picture of your app’s visibility on the app stores. Find out where & on which app product pages your app appears in “Similar Apps” or “You May Also Like” collections.

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What’s the impact of being recommended in a “Similar Apps” collection?

To help you estimate the impact of appearing in “Similar Apps” or “You May Also Like” suggestions, AppTweak has developed a unique metric: Views. This KPI estimates the number of impressions an app receives after appearing in a competitors’ “Similar Apps” suggestions.

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How can I monitor my visibility from “Similar Apps” collections?

Seen a sudden drop or peak in your browse or explore traffic? Have a look at Similar Apps History to uncover the app pages your app has previously been listed in as part of “Similar Apps” or “You May Also Like” suggestions.

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Increase your visibility with a strong keyword strategy

Apple & Google provide very little insights into how these “Similar Apps” or “You May Also Like” suggestions are curated. To enhance your app’s visibility, start with a strong keyword strategy. Use AppTweak to make keyword research a breeze!

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