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AppTweak is extremely excited (and very proud) to launch Search Ads Manager, a brand-new product to help you create and manage Apple Search Ads campaigns from your favorite ASO tool.

With Search Ads Manager, benefit from AppTweak’s industry-leading intelligence to power your Apple Search Ads campaigns. As part of our new brand, vision, and goals, our all-in-one platform provides growth solutions that cover the entire app store acquisition funnel, helping to increase your app’s visibility and growth.

We’ve just released Search Ads Manager – and this is just the beginning! Throughout the year, we’ll be adding lots of exciting new features and improvements to our new tool. Stay tuned for updates, as we build a platform dedicated to helping you optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

While we add new features & improvements to our new tool, all existing and new AppTweak clients can now leverage Search Ads Manager for free (limited time only).

What is Apple Search Ads & why should you leverage it?

Apple Search Ads is a platform that allows developers to advertise their iOS apps to users across the App Store.

In search results, Search Ads enable app marketers to reach a highly relevant audience actively seeking apps similar to theirs, making it more likely to attract new users and drive high-quality app downloads.

Apple Search & Apple Search Ads figures

According to Apple, more than 65% of downloads occur after a keyword search. Over 50% of people who tap a Search Ads placement will go on to download the app. Running Search Ads can therefore be a serious advantage over your competitors who may not be leveraging this opportunity.

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The best ASO tool, now powering Apple Search Ads

We’ve just released the first version of Search Ads Manager – our new tool that allows you to create, manage, and monitor your Apple Search Ads campaigns directly from AppTweak. Why should you go and try Search Ads Manager out?

Screenshot of AppTweak's Search Ads Manager's simple & intuitive dashboard view
Search Ads Manager’s simple & intuitive dashboard view

1. Easily create ASA campaigns that follow best practices

First, it’s not always easy to know how you should best structure your campaigns in the Apple Search Ads console. On AppTweak, we want to simplify this process. In Search Ads Manager, we guide you through campaign creation with premade templates that follow ASA best practices.

2. Benefit from AppTweak’s easy-to-use interface for Search Ads

The Apple Search Ads console can be tricky to use (especially for beginners). Search Ads Manager is built with the same intuitive interface, logic, and user experience as the entire AppTweak platform, making your Search Ads experience even smoother.

With Search Ads Manager, also benefit from a simple and secure integration process that connects your Search Ads to AppTweak in just a few clicks.

Campaign creation in the Apple Search Ads console
Campaign creation & templates in Search Ads Manager

3. Keep an eye on all your Search Ads campaigns in one place

One of the biggest pain points of the ASA console is the lack of a global view of your campaigns and ad groups across apps and countries. With the Search Ads Manager dashboard, keep a close eye on your campaign performance and bids by viewing all your Search Ads (across apps or countries) in one place.

4. Find new opportunities to expand your visibility & reach

Keyword optimization has been at the heart of our ASO platform since we launched in 2014. Now, we’re building Search Ads Manager to provide thousands of new keyword ideas to expand your visibility and reach.

While it can be difficult to think of new Search Ads keywords to target (Apple only provides 10 suggestions, for example), our keyword tools leverage metrics, AI, and data science to help you find new visibility opportunities.

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Search Ads Manager will also allow you to benefit from the synergies between ASO & ASA, and get a step ahead of your competitors (exciting features coming soon).

Learn more about Search Ads Manager:

What’s next?

Today, we’re very excited to launch Search Ads Manager and can’t wait for you to try it out. This first version is just the beginning – over the next weeks, we’ll be adding key features to develop an Apple Search Ads platform you’ll love. And over the next months (and beyond), we can’t wait to see Search Ads Manager become a powerful tool that helps you report on, automate, and centralize your app growth work.

For a limited time only, enjoy Search Ads Manager for free with an active AppTweak subscription.

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