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Japan's Mobile Game Market 2022

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Japan is one of the largest markets for app developers, with revenue in the Mobile Games segment projected to reach $15 billion in 2022 (Statista, 2022).

AppTweak and App Ape have teamed up to provide an in-depth analysis of Japan’s highly competitive gaming market. This exclusive white paper takes a deep dive into Japan’s latest mobile game trends with an overview of consumer usage behavior and App Store Optimization (ASO) insights.

What you’ll find inside:

  • How to successfully enter Japan’s mobile game market by identifying in-store activities, such as monthly active users (MAU), average no. of apps used per person, time spent, and consumer demographics.
  • Understand different game landscapes across iOS and Google Play based on category volatility and
  • Build and develop an effective ASO strategy that considers the most searched keywords per category
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75 pages

Compelling, insightful, and easy-to-read content that keeps you engaged till the end.
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New Insights

Unique data to enhance your understanding of the Japanese mobile games market.
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Precise Data

We leverage our deep learning algorithms to highlight actionable insights.

About App Ape

About App Ape

App Ape is a Japanese app analytics platform, providing actual usage data for smartphone apps.

App Ape has been designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses analyse their competitors’ main KPIs and stay on top of the latest mobile trends.

This marketing tool provides insights into mobile usage indicators such as active users, demographics, time spent, and cross-app usage for both iOS and Android apps in Japan and South Korea. Global companies from various sectors are listed as App Ape’s clients with a proven track record.

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About AppTweak

About AppTweak

AppTweak is the leading ASO tool driven by data science.

AppTweak empowers mobile leaders – such as Amazon, Jam City, Yelp, and Adobe – to grow their apps and games with actionable insights in a simple interface.

Committed to developing the most accurate, transparent and easy-to-use ASO tool on the market, AppTweak supports over 1,700 app developers and game publishers worldwide. AppTweak’s all-in-one platform offers ASO Tools, Ad Intelligence, App Intelligence, and Market Intelligence.

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