What’s Trending on the App Stores: Sweatcoin, LiveIn & Dispo

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In our recurring monthly series, we analyze the top trending apps worldwide and offer valuable insights into their performance. In May, Sweatcoin, LiveIn, Dispo, and Dream by Wombo are apps that stood out on the app stores. Keep reading to learn why!

All insights have been extracted using AppTweak’s Market Intelligence. AppTweak only uses first-party data that has been tracked since 2014. Combined with a deep-learning model that accounts for seasonality and trends within categories and countries, AppTweak provides the most accurate download and revenue estimates for any app and game worldwide.

Downloads for Sweatcoin grow by 62%

The UK-based move-to-earn app Sweatcoin combines fitness with a digital currency to reward users. In April 2022, Sweatco Ltd launched a crypto token called SWEAT. Users can use the app to track their steps and will earn SWEATs while they walk. SWEAT tokens can be exchanged for branded products or donated to charities.

Data from AppTweak’s Market Intelligence shows that the app’s worldwide downloads grew by 62% in May. Move-to-earn apps like Sweatcoin are making crypto more mainstream. Throughout May, the app ranked #1 in the Health & Fitness category across many countries, surpassing big players such as Strava or closer competitors such as STEPN.

Downloads for Sweatcoin grow by 62%Downloads for Sweatcoin grow by 62%. Source: AppTweak Market Intelligence

The app’s popularity has gained its publisher (Sweatco Ltd) a position among the top 10 Health & Fitness app publishers. Sweatco Ltd currently ranks as the #2 Health & Fitness publisher worldwide on the App Store, just one position away from competitive players such as Abishkking Limited who have an extensive portfolio of more traditional fitness apps, including Home Workout: No Equipment and Workout for Women: Fit at Home.

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Sweatco Ltd ranks as the #2 Health & Fitness PublisherSweatco Ltd ranks as the #2 Health & Fitness app publisher. Source: AppTweak’s Market Intelligence

The Sweatcoin app is a roaring success in Brazil

Sweatcoin is a real hit in Brazil! The app received more than 1M downloads in May, an increase of 105% compared to April. Shortly after the launch of the SWEAT token, the app rose in the overall top charts and was the most downloaded app on both the App Store and Google Play in Brazil for over two weeks.

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Sweatcoin is a roaring success in BrazilSweatcoin is a roaring success in Brazil. Source: AppTweak Market Intelligence

After Brazil, the app gained the most downloads in May in the United States (545K downloads), Mexico (441K downloads), and Egypt (328K downloads).

Sweatcoin vs. STEPN

Sweatcoin is not the only move-to-earn app shaking up the Health & Fitness category on the app stores. STEPN, launched in December 2021, is another potential competitor topping the charts. Sweatcoin is, however, by far the most popular move-to-earn app to date, especially in big markets such as Brazil and the USA. AppTweak’s Market Intelligence data shows that Sweatcoin received 7M worldwide downloads in May, while Stepn secured 1M downloads.

Sweatcoin vs STEPNSweatcoin vs STEPN. Source: AppTweak Market Intelligence

LiveIn and Dispo grow by 51% and 543% respectively in May

The month of May also witnessed photo-sharing apps trending on the app stores. While LiveIn became trendy on both Google Play and the App Store, Dispo was all the rage on the App Store.

LiveIn, launched in February 2022, has a very similar concept as Locket, a photo widget app launched in January 2022. You just need to download the app, give it access to your camera and contacts, and then share pictures with your friends directly from your home screen. However, LiveIn takes things a step further than Locket, letting app users share not only pictures but also notes and drawings. LiveIn’s worldwide downloads soared to 1.7M downloads in May on both stores.

Dispo, launched in December 2019, started trending in May this year after going viral on TikTok. The app offers a disposable camera 2.0, allowing app users to snap photos, create rolls, and share them with friends. Like disposable film cameras, pictures cannot be edited and are only available after a certain delay. Dispo, only available on the App Store, gained 469K downloads worldwide in May.

LiveIn and Dispo grow by 51% and 543% respectively in May LiveIn and Dispo grow by 51% and 543% respectively in May. Source: AppTweak Market Intelligence

Are live-in-the-moment photo-sharing apps here to stay?

LiveIn and Dispo are not the first live-in-the-moment photo-sharing apps that have trended this year. Since the beginning of 2022, BeReal and Locket have also been gaining popularity, with downloads equivalent to instant messaging apps like Snapchat.

Locket started trending shortly after its launch in January. Locket, much like LiveIn, is a widget that lets you send pictures straight to your friends’ home screens. Locket received almost 447K downloads in January in the United States, 28.17% more than Snapchat. The app has lost some momentum since its launch but is still widely popular, gaining almost 302K downloads in May.

BeReal, which we featured in our trending apps report last month, continues to impress. With BeReal, users get 2 minutes a day to snap photos and post them on their feeds. With no filters, people are encouraged to show more real-life images of their daily lives.

Are live-in-the moment photo-sharing apps here to stay

Are live-in-the moment photo-sharing apps here to stay? Source: AppTweak Market Intelligence

This May, Dream by WOMBO, the AI-powered arts & design app which creates beautiful art from simple photos, started trending after going viral on TikTok. The app is currently ranking #2 in the Art & Design category on Google Play (United States), surpassing category leaders such as Canva.

Dream by WOMBO grows by 564% in MayDream by WOMBO grows by 564% in May. Source: AppTweak Market Intelligence

Data from AppTweak’s Market Intelligence shows that the app received a total of 6.8M downloads in May, a growth of 564% compared to April!

Search volume for “Dream” soars in the United States

After Dream by WOMBO went viral on TikTok, AppTweak figures show that search volumes for the keyword “dream” increased by 78.3%. Search volumes for the brand name “Dream by WOMBO” increased by 71.3%, while “Wombo” increased by 64%.

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Top keywords (Dream by WOMBO)Top keywords (Dream by WOMBO). Source: AppTweak Market Intelligence.

Watch this space to know more about the trending, top-grossing apps and games dominating the app stores each month!

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