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Laurie Galazzoby
Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak

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No real idea who your competitors are? Don’t worry anymore! We’ve just launched the perfect feature for you. After a lot of users requests, we’re happy to present you to our new Suggested Competitors feature!

Always Keep your Competitors under your Radar

Competition monitoring is a crucial step in any app marketing and App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy. As an app developer or marketer, you should absolutely dedicate the time and resources required to make a thorough competition analysis. This step is inevitable if you want to succeed.

A great competition analysis starts with a deep market research which will identify apps that are close to yours and potentially driving users away from your app. The point here is to understand how they work, what they offer and who they target.

Most importantly, you want to understand their business objectives and strategy to anticipate their next moves and build an effective counter-attack.

It is also very important to analyze their app store presence in terms of visibility, app rankings and keywords rankings. Our new Keyword Tool can be a great help here, as it allows you to compare your app’s presence in the store to your competitors.

This whole competition analysis should be done in each country you’re targeting, as some apps are available in some specific regions.

Find Similar and Competing Apps easily

Finding your closest competitors can however be quite challenging in some cases or industries. With the vast amount of apps available on the store, it is hard to find them all, especially when relying on keywords research, which can be misleading.

We’ve been getting a lot of customers requests and improvements suggestions on our Competition Analysis features. Today, we’re proud to launch a brand-new feature that will facilitate your job here: Suggested Competitors.

Once you are on your app’s ASO report, simply click on “+ Add competitors”.

From there, you’ll be able to add competitors to your ASO analysis in two different ways.


The first one is by making a search directly from the store with the name of a competing app or any keyword. Search results are directly retrieved from the store and shows the accurate app ranking position for the query in question.

The second way (and the new way!) is that our tool now instantly generates a list of Suggested Competitors, that are closely linked, or that are similar, to your app. This great source of inspiration will facilitate your competitors research drastically, as well as your user experience on our tool.

All you need to do is to click on the little “+Add” button and the app will be added to your Competitors, and therefore, to your ASO report. To remove a competitor, simply click on the “Remove” button, as shown in the screenshot below.


Once you’ve added the competitors you want, click on “Done” and it brings you back to your ASO Report or to the Keyword Tool. If you’re already familiar with AppTweak, it will work the same way as before.
Indeed, in the screenshot below, you see that the competitors added are displayed in the Competition Analysis keywords table.


This table indicates your app’s versus your competitors’ rankings for any keyword you want. Pretty handy stuff, right? 🙂

But that’s not it! If you click on the little blue graph button on the right, you’ll be able to view your app’s and your competitors’ ranking history for any specific keyword day after day. For the moment, it goes since the last 30 days. Just so you know, we’re working hard on extending this to the last 90 days.


With the implementation of this new feature, we also took the opportunity to enable you to add different competitors according to the country you’re targeting. As said above, it is highly important to take geography into account while building your ASO and app marketing localization strategy.

As an existing AppTweak user, you might have to re-add your competitors in some countries, as we now make a distinction between competitors and countries. Before, when you added a competitor to an app in a specific country, it was added to all countries. Now, we allow our users to have different competitors according to countries.

Feedback Please!

As usual, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and impressions. All these great features come from your suggestions, so keep rocking it! We’re always listening.

What do you think of our new Suggested Competitors feature? Do you have any specific suggestions in mind?

See you very soon for a new feature release!

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Laurie Galazzo
by , Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak
Laurie is Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak and joined the company in its early stages (2014). She's passionate about new technologies, growth and mobile marketing. Oh, and also about sushi.