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Laurie Galazzoby
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Finding and tracking relevant long tail keywords is crucial in your ASO routine. However, we all know how time consuming keyword research can be… Great news though! With our new Keyword Shuffler, you can get all possible 1-3 keywords combinations for up to 5 different keywords with just a click! All details below.

AppTweak, the Tool you need for App Keyword Optimization

One of our top priorities at AppTweak is to improve your daily ASO routine with handy ASO tools and features. Our main focus is to enhance your ASO keyword research and optimization.

AppTweak was for example the first ASO tool to integrate Apple exact Search Popularity (volume). We’ve also launched a series of Keyword performance tools like the [Percentage Stachtt to help you better understand your keyword rankings and the impact of your ASO over time.

A couple of months ago, we launched our unique Keyword Density tool, allowing you to test any app metadata field’s keyword density, such as your app title, subtitle / short description or your app description.

Especially useful for Google Play apps (because the app description is indexed by the algorithm) our Keyword Density ASO tool counts how many times each keyword is repeated in your app description and tells you their density.

ASO tip: we recommend using a density of 2-3% for each important keyword.

This mini ASO tool has been warmly welcome by everyone as it enables to easily measure the power of app metadata fields in terms of keyword density but also to benchmark competitors and spy on their targeted keywords.

Our Keyword Tool offers today a series of various features and data designed to help you unveil new keyword opportunities, track keyword performance and spy on competitors rankings.

It’s now time for us to introduce you to a new mini ASO tool: the Keyword Shuffler.

Enhance your ASO Keyword Research with the Keyword Shuffler

As you probably already know, App Store Optimization is an ongoing process requiring to follow a structured methodology.

The first step (after market research and competition analysis) is the creation of a semantic dictionary.

[Don’t know where to start? Discover our step by step methodology tofind the best keywords for your app.]

This phase consists in building a list of about 100-200 keywords per app and language with relevant search terms and keyword combinations.

These keywords and search terms should be directly or indirectly linked to your app’s purpose and universe. The point is to come up with any interesting potential searches that could drive organic downloads to your app.

Most searches made on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store come from long tail keywords (usually double or triple keyword combinations) or niche keywords

From experience, we know how time consuming it can be to manually create various combinations using relevant keywords… This is why we’ve created the instant Keyword Shuffler tool!

The Keyword Shuffler allows you to shuffle up to 5 different keywords and get all possible 1, 2 and 3 word combinations from them in just a click!

How the Keyword Shuffler works:

  1. Find your app or a competitor.
  2. Go to the Keywords tab.
  3. Click on “Keyword Shuffler”.
  4. Enter up to 5 keywords you’d like to generate combinations from.
  5. Choose to include “single keyword” ; “double words” or “triple words” (by default, they are all selected).
  6. Click on “Generate 85 keywords”.
  7. Get the list of 85 single; double and triple words combinations coming from the 5 keywords you’ve entered! Along with these keywords, you’ll get their Search Popularity (indicator from 5-100).

See our Keyword Shuffler in action with this example:

Going further in the Keyword Analysis

You can then go further and analyze all these combinations in details by clicking on the ones you’re interested in or by clicking on “Analyze all keywords”.

This will bring all combinations (or the ones you choose) in the Keywords Analysis and show for each of them their various ASO indicators: Search Popularity, Competition, KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index), keyword ranking and keyword ranking history.

Of course, you can export to Excel all these combinations, along with their performance indicators.

[Need help with your ASO? Check ourApple App Store ASO checklistandGoogle Play Store ASO checklist.]

Keyword Shuffler: The Easiest Way to Find Long Tail Keywords

Our Keyword Shuffler is an amazing ASO tool to identify powerful combinations using relevant and strong keywords in just a few seconds.

With the Keyword Shuffler, your App Store Optimization keyword research is now easier. In just a few seconds, unveil relevant long tail keywords and niche combinations that will drive organic downloads to your app.

Don’t wait any longer! Start saving some time now! Use our Keyword Tool to find the best keywords for your app and drive more organic downloads.

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Laurie Galazzo
by , Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak
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