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Marie-Laure Cruytby
CPO at AppTweak

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We’ve added a new picking tool to AppTweak to help you find semantically related keywords. You can type any keyword and AppTweak gives back a list of 30 keywords that are either similar or related to the keyword you entered.

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When looking for keywords to increase your app’s visibility, it’s sometimes difficult to get inspiration. We always recommend checking the keywords your competitors are using and performing on to find ideas of important keywords. We also suggest going through your app’s Reviews and find the most repeated keywords. They are typically keywords your users use when referring to your app or a specific feature it delivers and most probably keywords that people search for when looking for an app like yours.

How Reviews and Ratings can benefit your ASO

But what if you want to go even further? We found a cool API that returns similar and related keywords to any keyword you type. This can help build the semantic universe of your app and maybe find keywords with a good volume that your competitors haven’t thought of.

For instance, if your app is a food delivery app, you want to find keywords around the food semantic. Here are some ideas:

AppTweak Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool - Related Keywords for

If it’s more of a recipe app, then maybe the following keywords are more appropriate:

AppTweak Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool - Related Keywords for
If you’re in the gaming industry, finding new keywords to refer to your game can become a brain-racking process. With AppTweak, you can get a list of ideas in just a few clicks. For instance, if your game is a battle game, there are probably many keywords that users look for and that are related to your game’s universe. Did you think of all them?

AppTweak Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool - Related Keywords for
If you’re more in the fitness business, then are many keywords related to the fitness semantic but that you probably haven’t thought of, maybe users are searching for these terms too…

AppTweak Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool - Related Keywords for

To finish on a positive note, let’s imagine you’re in the travel industry and preparing your app listing for the upcoming holidays, you want to make sure you include all holiday-related keywords in your app’s metadata!

AppTweak Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool - Related Keywords for

Advanced ASO tips on how to perform an in-depth keyword research

3 steps to bring your ASO keyword research to the next level

To summarize, here are 3 sources to get inspiration of keywords for your app’s metadata:

  • Keywords used by your competitors. The AppTweak keyword picking tool can help you find both the keyword they use in their app metadata and the ones they perform well on.
  • Keyword used by your users in the Reviews they leave on your app. You can go through the reviews left by your users on AppTweak and even filter them by keyword.
  • Semantically related keywords to broaden your app’s reach. Our new ‘Semantic keywords’ suggestion tool gives you a list of related keywords to fuel your inspiration.

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