Most Downloaded Trading Apps in 2022

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With our continuous objective of helping app publishers and marketers better understand the stores and make data-driven decisions, AppTweak has developed and launched the AppDNA, a one-of-kind classification model that divides app store categories into more comprehensive categories that better match an app or game’s intended purpose.

For example, apps in the finance category can offer very different functionalities from mobile banking to cryptocurrencies or budget management. In this article, we will focus on the most popular trading apps which have grown in popularity in the last years, democratizing investing for those who wish to take their finances into their own hands!

Most downloaded trading apps in the United States in 2022

iOS App NameiOS DownloadsGP App NameGP Downloads
Robinhood: Investing for All1.75MRobinhood: Stocks & Crypto1.41M
Fidelity Investments1.09MWebull: Investing & Trading1.14M
Webull: Investing & Trading1.06MFidelity Investments865K
TD Ameritrade Mobile503KYahoo Finance460K
E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.478KTradingView: Track All Markets457K
Schwab Stocks & News419K
TradingView: Track All Markets436KTD Ameritrade Mobile413K
Yahoo Finance353KMetaTrader 4 Forex Trading285K
thinkorswim: Trade. Invest.273KMetaTrader 5 — Forex & Stock t283K
CNBC: Stock Market & Business199KCNBC: Business & Stock News269K

Source: AppTweak (January – October 2022).

Robinhood is the most downloaded trading app in the United States with over 3 million downloads on both stores in 2022 so far! Robinhood is a beginner-friendly trading app offering to trade stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The app also allows investors to purchase fractional shares, and portions of equity stocks, making the app even more attractive to beginner investors.

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Other popular trading apps are Webbull, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Schwab Mobile, E-Trade, and Thinkorswim.

In the top 10 trading apps, we also find apps that offer stock news, watchlist, and live charts such as Tradingview, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance. The app Tradingview received a total of 855K downloads so far in 2022 in the United States. Tradingview is a highly-rated app that offers advanced live charts. The app also offers a social network where traders can share information and ideas.

Finance category trends in 2022 – AppDNA.


Trading apps saw a huge spike in usage during the covid pandemic. But when looking at the Finance category as a whole, trading apps only represent a small number of downloads. Within the Finance category, Mobile banking apps are the most downloaded apps accounting for 37.0% of all downloads!

Interesting to note is that the share of Insurance apps increased in 2022 (7.3%) compared to 2021 (5.4%). Also, Budget management apps seem to gain in importance. Budgeting apps help users understand their income and spending. In uncertain economic times, like we’re facing today, budgeting apps can help people take more control over their money.

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AppDNA powers many of AppTweak’s features and insights. Within our keyword tool, you can now see the most popular keywords apps in your AppDNA rank.

stock market53
m1 finance43

Source: AppTweak (January – October 2022).

“Robinhood” and “Yahoo” are the branded keywords most searched for among trading apps.

“Stocks”, “Stock market”, “stock” and “investing” are some of the general keywords people use when searching for apps related to trading.

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