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Carmen Longoby
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You have been waiting for it… Monthly downloads per keywords for Android apps are now live on AppTweak! Discover which keywords are driving most of your organic installs on the Google Play Store.

Our methodology to compute the downloads per keyword estimates

If you are not familiar with this metric yet, here is a quick refresher of the key factors that are taken into account when computing these estimates :

  • Volume: The level of traffic of a keyword will define the total downloads that the apps appearing in the search results page will get.
  • Rank: The position on the results page will define what is the share of total downloads that will go to each app.
  • Brand/Generic: Depending on if a keyword is branded or generic, we have defined different levels of conversion rates.

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AppTweak ASO tool Monthly downloads per keyword of Vinted (Android/US)

The limit of Google install keywords

Some of you might be wondering what is the point of adding these new estimates to AppTweak when you can simply go on your Google Play Console and see the exact data from Google. Well, our numbers are slightly different, here is why.

While working on this new metric for iOS first, we actually saw an added value in developing these estimates for Android as well because our numbers give additional information compared to Google’s data. We look at the downloads per keyword by store & language while Google only gives cross-countries downloads.

In most cases, the language of the keyword is not enough to know from which country the installs are coming. For example, if you have a fitness app and you have 3000 monthly downloads coming from the keyword “fitness” it is hard to know whether the users downloaded the app in the US, in France or in Brazil as the word remains the same in all countries. Hopefully, with AppTweak you are now able to see how many downloads you had for all the keywords that you track.

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The second advantage of AppTweak installs per keyword is simply that you can see the downloads that your competitors are getting from keywords of your semantic dictionary. For example, if a competitor is ranked 2nd on your brand name you will want to know how much traffic he is stealing away from your app. Or the other way around, you could be number two on a keyword and you would like to know how many additional downloads you could have if you were to become number one.AppTweak ASO tool Live search for the keyword “sell clothes” (left) on Google Play & competition analysis in terms of monthly downloads per keyword (right) in the US

In the example above, Vinted is ranked 4th and is getting 205 monthly downloads from the keyword “sell clothes” while PoshMark is ranked 1st and is getting 667 monthly downloads. In this case, Vinted would have an uplift of 462 monthly downloads if it were to become number one on that combination.

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Branded vs Generic search results on Google Play

As we mentioned before, in order to compute the download estimates of a keyword, our algorithm takes into account whether the keyword is a brand or a generic term. This will have a direct impact on the conversion of the keyword and on the distribution of the total downloads across apps that rank in the search results.

The screenshot on the left shows the results page for the search “GPS” while the one on the right shows that results page for the search “waze”. Naturally, the users that are going to search for “waze” are more likely to download Waze that the ones searching for “GPS”. However, as we can see on the live search, Google Play has a specific results page for branded keywords. On this page the branded app covers the whole first screen which means that users will have to scroll down to see the second result and third results.

AppTweak ASO tool Comparison between the live search of the keyword “GPS” (generic) vs the live search of the keyword “Waze” (brand) on the Google Play Store (US)

This difference of display is also a key element that we have taken into account in our downloads per keyword algorithm. As you can see above, the first app of the generic search is receiving around 20% of the total downloads while the first app of the branded search is getting 70% of the total downloads.

Check out our live search and see how your app is displayed in the keyword search results

We hope you found these insights helpful and we are sure you can’t wait to discover which keywords bring the most downloads to your android app!

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