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Laurie Galazzoby
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Are you ready for this new unique feature? We’re happy to introduce our Backlinks Tracker Tool for Google Play Store apps! Basically, you can now view the total number of backlinks for any Google Play apps but also view the Top 10 backlinks, along with their link power. All details below!


Although App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) apply to two different ecosystems (the app store vs the web), with different algorithms for different products and markets, some of their components do overlap.

As a reminder, ASO is the process of improving app store visibility by optimizing every factor influencing the algorithm ranking apps.

On the other hand, SEO is the process of improving website visibility on search engines.

These two methodologies therefore rely on two different ranking systems. If there is not any mutual influence on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store does take into account some SEO aspects in its store algorithm – not surprising given Google’s authority regarding search.

This dimension makes ASO a little more complex for Google Play apps, as there are external app store factors that need to be tested, optimized and monitored as well.

Read this post to discover whyASO is not SEO (but looks like it)!

An essential component of SEO considered by Google’s algorithm to rank websites is backlinking.

If you have an app on the Google Play Store, the number of websites pointing directly to your app’s Google Play Store web page URL will not only have an influence on app’s page search engines rank but also on your app’s rank in the Play store.

Put simply, the more backlinks pointing to your app’s web page, the higher your app store rankings.

Important: if the backlinks quantity does have an influence, the quality of the linking page matters even more.

Quality is determined by Google’s algorithm (PageRank) which takes several factors into account to rank web pages and domains (i.e: the number of unique visitors; the number of backlinks; the bounce rate; etc.)

Finally, relevance is also a determinant factor. Backlinks pointing to your app’s URL should ideally use relevant keywords, which will indirectly influence your Play store keywords’ ranking.

Enough with the theory, let’s move on to the practical aspect of our brand new feature!

On any Google Play Store ASO Report (“Overview” section), you can now track the Top 10 Backlinks pointing to the app’s Play Store URL! (data directly coming fromMoz).

These Top 10 Backlinks are determined and sorted according to their link power, which basically describes their attributed “quality” by Google’s algorithm.

The link power (“MozRank passed”) is the measurement (1-10) of the value of an individual link. Higher the score, higher the link power.

Also, you can find the total number of equity backlinks (backlinks having an actual influence on your Play Store ranks) for each app.

In the example below, Netflix counts a total of 1502 backlinks in the USA, where the Top 10 come from some of the following domains:


AppTweak – Backlinks Tracker Tool


Our Google Play Backlinks Tracker Tool will be helpful in your ASO routine. Imagine the research time and resources you are going to save, as you’re now able to browse from one app to another’s backlinks in just a click!

Let’s take another example with RunKeeper (USA) and a few similar apps & competitors (Runtastic, Running Distance Tracker and Nike+ Run Club).

As shown in the GIF below, you can switch from one app to another and spy on its backlinks in just a click!


AppTweak – Backlinks Tracker Tool


As we’ve seen, it’s important to try gathering as many quality and relevant backlinks as possible. But how can you get backlinks for your app?

Have a high quality app

First and foremost, it is crucial to have a high quality app, with a clean design and a powerful and/or unique core functionality. It may seem obvious but some app developers tend to forget that the quality of their app will be the number 1 reason of their success.

Reach out to App Review Websites

Starting from there, your app marketing strategy can really begin and should include various techniques.

A great starting point is to reach out to App Review Websites and try getting your app reviewed.

Find here a list of 200+ App Review Websites for iOS and Android Apps.

Create useful content

The more rich and insightful content you will create, the more interest towards your app you will generate. Make sure to have a website and/or a blog rich of useful articles relative to your app’s universe (i.e: training advices or healthy recipes if you’ve got a fitness app).

Expert Tip

Important: don’t forget that if your website gets a lot of “link power” juice from Google, it will count as a powerful backlinks source for your app.

Use Social Media

Make sure to use social media to promote your content and your app’s unique features. The higher engagement, the higher your social media pages will weight, and therefore, boost your app’s ranks.

Focus on App Store Optimization (ASO)

Finally, always work regularly on your ASO. It’s important to make frequent updates of your app’s metadata by using strong and relevant keywords.

On Google Play, your app title, short description and long description have a huge influence on app’s keywords rankings, as they are indexed by the algorithm.

Try aiming at reaching a high keyword density on strong keywords. You can get some help from AppTweak’s Keyword Density feature.

Coupled with a strong backlinks strategy, your keywords strategy will definitely bring a big boost to your app’s store visibility, and therefore, app downloads.

Not sure where to start? Check our Google Play Store (Android) ASO Optimization Checklist!

Try aiming at reaching a high keyword density on strong keywords. You can get some help from AppTweak’s Keyword Density feature.

Feedback please!

Whew, that was intense, wasn’t it?

Great news! Our Google Play Backlinks Tracker Tool is available on all our plans, starting from 59€ per month.

As usual, we would love to get your feedback on this new feature. Do you think this data will be helpful in your ASO routine?

Wait no longer, go and spy on your app’s and competitors’ Top 10 backlinks!

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