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Something big is coming on AppTweak… If you’re looking for new growth opportunities for your app, keep an eye out for our next feature launch: Market Intelligence.

Which country should I plan my next game launch? In which category should I reference my app? What are the top Health & Fitness players in the EU? When is the best day to run ads for my education app? These are the type of questions we want to bring answers to with our new Market Intelligence Add On.

Top Food and Drink apps in Europe

Imagine you work for a Food and Drink app that’s extremely popular in the US, and you’re planning to launch in Europe. The first thing you want to check is who will you be competing against? With our Market Intelligence Top Charts feature, you can rapidly compare the top-performing apps of a category across countries.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Tool - Top Charts

Comparing the Food & Drinks Top Charts of major EU countries.

At a glance, you can immediately identify the leaders of your target market. Using our quick filters you can also spot local players or apps that haven’t managed to reach the top in a specific market.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Tool - Top Charts filtered view
Comparing the category rankings of top players in the Food & Drinks Category in major EU countries.

For instance, the app Too Good To Go has managed to reach top charts in all major EU countries. However, Uber Eats, although leader in most markets, is lagging behind in Germany. Costa is leader in the UK but has no presence at all in other markets.

Social Network or Photo & Video in Asia

Now let’s imagine you’re about to launch a new social network app around photos and videos, your target market is Asia but you still have to decide in which country you want to start, and in which category you should place your app. Using our Downloads to Top, you can already get some insights on market and category competitiveness.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Downloads to Top by Country
Comparing the n° daily downloads to reach Top Charts across categories and countries

Who would have thought that Japan is the most competitive country for the Photo & Video category, above India? In the Social Network category, India takes the lead, requiring a higher level of daily downloads to reach the top charts.

Having a closer look into these two countries, we found that both Photo and Video and Social Network had the same level of competitivity in India, however, in Japan, the Photo & Video category requires apps to have twice as many daily downloads in order to reach the same rank in the Social Networking category.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Downloads to Top by Category

Comparing the n° daily downloads to reach Top Charts across categories and countries

This suggests that if you want to launch your app as a Photo & Video app in Japan, you will need to double your marketing efforts in order to reach top positions.

Traveling in South America

Let’s jump to the traveling industry in South America. Using our Market Share feature, you can easily compare the size of each country and identify the top apps with biggest market share in terms of downloads.

The downloads market share of each Latin American country in the Travel Category

Brazil is by far the biggest market in South America, accounting for 64% of downloads in the Travel category. Also interesting to see that Chile and Colombia are ahead of Argentina with 11% and 10% respectively against 8%.

When we had a look at the top apps in these markets, we found two leaders: Uber (14% of market share) and 99 (8% market share). This is mainly due to the fact that these are the top 2 apps in Brazil.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Market Share History of top apps

Market Share History of Top 10 apps for the Travel Category in South America

Nevertheless, it is interesting to have a closer look at the leading apps in each market. We found them to be quite different from one country to another.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Top Apps per Country
Comparing the Market Share of Top Travel Apps in each country of South America

The final insight we want to share with you today is about seasonality. Whether you work for a game or a business app, you’ve probably identified repetitive trends (at least we have!). By aggregating our data, we found some very pronounced seasonal effects from one category to another. Here are two obvious examples of how users change their behavior depending on the type of app they are using.

We compared the seasonality of Business apps against Games in the US. As expected we found totally opposite results.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Seasonality Density Map of Games vs. Business (US)

Comparing the seasonality density map of apps in Games vs. Business categories in the US.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Seasonality Weekly and Yearly trend of Games vs. Business (US)

Comparing the seasonality weekly and yearly trend of apps in Games vs. Business categories in the US.

Apps in the Gaming industry benefit from a peak in downloads on Saturdays and Sundays (up to +20%), whereas apps in the Business category see this peak during the week and a big drop in downloads during weekends (-30%). For business apps, the top month in terms of downloads is October, for games, it is in July.

These insights can help better understand when is the best moment to run a marketing campaign, or on which days is it best to have ads running on Search Ads. It can also help distinguish the uplift of downloads that is due to seasonality vs. the uplift that is driven by your marketing efforts.

Stay tuned for more…

We hope these insights have made you hungry for more! Our Market Intelligence Add-On will be live very soon, we can’t wait to gather your feedback on it. We’ll keep you updated!

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