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We just revamped our Top Charts feature! Now you can compare charts in different countries, view the top chart’s history as well as identify the fastest-growing or trending apps in just a couple of clicks. We hope you will be delighted by these improvements and the added flexibility! Read more and discover some highlights of this new feature!

Compare different top charts across countries

The top-ranking apps can be very different from one country to another. Each market has its specificities and often local apps dominate over global apps. AppTweak understood this need of analyzing different market trends at the same time. This is why our Top Charts Feature allows you to create, edit, and duplicate up to 9 graphs in order for you to easily compare situations and competitive environments.

ASO Tool: Compare your favorite Top Charts with the dense view!

In our example above (App Store, Games, Free) we selected 9 European countries in the Games category. We directly notice that the top 3 apps do not change a lot across these countries. Tangle Master, Money Buster, and Sneaker Art are globally leading the category. However, it is interesting to note that the apps ranking below the top 3 fluctuate a lot across countries which may be explained by local preferences. As a result, take into account that, by targeting different countries, you will have to compete against many different competitors.

With this revamp, AppTweak also allows you to analyze your own app or game’s performance across multiple countries at the same time. This feature is helpful when you have to prioritize your actions on different markets and pinpoint which ones require more effort.

If you filter by app, you will immediately see in which country your app is the strongest.

ASO Tool: Compare your favorite Top Charts with the dense view!

Here, for instance, the app Homescapes is in the top gaming apps in 8 different countries and it is the strongest in Spain. This allows you to understand on which market you could improve your app’s performance and start ramping up!

Another valuable feature is the ability to reorder your top charts by simply dragging and dropping them in the order that pleases you.

For instance, here we ordered the charts from best to worst performing countries, so on the right I can see the countries I need to work on. You can also decide to order them by priority markets.

Now, you are probably wondering how you could understand what are the market trends if you can only see one date at a time. Don’t worry and keep reading to discover what we worked on for you!

Top Charts Ranking Growth

Want to see where today’s top 10 apps ranked only one month ago? With our new Top Charts, if you click on the graph icon, you will see today’s top 10 apps progressions over time. This view is interesting to understand if the top apps are well-established or if they are total newcomers, getting sudden popularity.

ASO Tool: Top Charts, Top 10 history : Today's top 10 growth overtime

ASO Tool: Top Charts, Top 10 history : Today's top 10 growth overtime

In our example above (United Kingdom – App Store – Business), we clearly see the evolution of the apps Zoom, Skype for business, and Google Meet. All of them are in the top 10 today but 6 months ago, they were not even in the top 100. It shows the volatility in the market due to the current events.

Top Charts Ranking History

Or ever wondered which apps dominated the charts three months ago? When you click on the clock icon you can see how the top charts have changed over time and understand how volatile or static a specific top is.

ASO Tool: Discover the App history chart of you Top Charts

The clock icon will open the following pop-up, showing each day’s top-ranked apps within the selected date range.

ASO Tool: Discover the App history chart of you Top Charts

When we look at the example above (United Kingdom – App Store – Business), you can see that LinkedIn lost many rankings in March due to the coronavirus and lockdown. Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams were the first apps to reach top positions. You can also notice that some apps, such as Slack, briefly appeared in the top 10 but did not succeed to keep its position.

Start customizing your top charts!

In conclusion, the new top charts will help you create and compare many different top charts across different categories, countries, devices, or even stores. You will also be able to track new competitors and get relevant and quick insights.

We hope you will enjoy playing around with this feature since we did everything we could to make it as flexible and user-friendly as possible. Next step is for you to start creating, editing, and tracking new top charts!

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