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Are you ready for Top Charts part 2? Months ago we published a blog on what you could do with our revamped Top Charts, located in the More ASO Tool section. We didn’t cover all the functionalities and insights you could get from this feature and it still has some surprises up its sleeves! So let’s jump right in!

In case you didn’t have the opportunity to read the first part, go check it out

In case you didn’t have the opportunity to read the first part, go check it out

View top growing apps per category

Sometimes it can be useful to know which apps grew the most in terms of rankings on a specific date range. This information can highlight the trending apps of the moment and indicates which are getting higher visibility. This view can be helpful to compare the top trending apps in a specific category, or across a set of countries. You’ll be surprised to see that trends can vary a lot from one country to another. It can also help to assess popular apps at specific periods, for example, what are the top shopping apps around Black Friday? What are the games people like to play during the summer holidays, or what are the most popular sports apps just before a major sports tournament.

You may have noticed the “View by” option on top of the page. By choosing the “View by growth” option, your top charts will show only the top growing apps between the 2 dates you chose.

Identify your future competitors or potential investments

What is interesting with this view is that you can identify which apps are in top positions now and those that are growing and will potentially be in the top 10 soon.

As an investor, if you want to be ahead of the game and look out for the next big apps in the market, you may be interested in this feature. Indeed, the best apps right now can be very different from the best apps in the future.

In the example above, (US, App Store, iPhone, Free, Games) between the 21st of September and the 21th of August, one can notice that the rankings are very different if we look at today’s ranking positions and the growth positions. The app 9 Months looks like an app you could invest in since it went from the 108th to the 17th in only one month.

If we investigate a little more to identify the next big player, we can analyze the detailed top charts history of the last week and see that the app Beat Blader 3D is growing fast! You may keep an eye on this one since it almost reached the top 10 in only one week.

Trends can be very different from one country to another. Some apps can be growing a lot in certain markets and underperform in others. As a result, your app’s strategy should be adapted to the trends that are specific to each market. Make sure to identify and understand those trends.

In this example, it’s interesting to note that the top growing app in the Vietnamese market is way more localized than the top growing app in the United States, Great Britain, or India. You will find the same app on top, Among us!, when the top app in Vietnam is called Long Kỷ Nguyên. As a result, be sure to take the specificities of each market into consideration when you update your metadata.

As a gaming app you may also want to know how well you have progressed on a specific market and if the trends are comparable.

For instance, if we take the app Tangle Master 3D, we see in France that it grew a lot between the 8th of August and 9th of September and reached the 4th position. However, in other markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom and India, its rank went down going from the 13th to the 114th position in India.

When we take a closer look at the rankings around the beginning of August in India, it seems like Tangle Master 3D stayed in the top 10 several weeks before it dropped. Therefore, The app took off first in big markets before it led the category in France.

Another insight you could get from the growth view is to see which apps are thriving during specific events which allows you to assess popular apps. For instance, around black friday in the US, between the 24th and the 30th of November 2019, the growth view shows that shopping apps were growing fast. In particular, Walmart – Shopping & Grocery was the top growing shopping app. In comparison, Target and Amazon shopping did not succeed to reach the top 10.

Volatility of some markets and complementary tools

An interesting parameter that an app developer should take into account is the volatility of a market. If you want to be on a market that is very volatile so that your app has a chance to quickly reach the top and have a come and go behaviour or if you are looking for a market where apps take time to reach top positions but stay a long time. When you look at our Top 10 history chart, you can understand the volatility of markets.

(Vietnam, iOS, Free, Games-Role-Playing)

(Vietnam, iOS, Free, Games-Trivia)

In the examples above, (Vietnam, iOS, iPhone, Free), we took two different categories, the first graph is in the category Games Trivia and the second one is in Games Role-Playing. As one can observe, the first category is much more volatile. Indeed, if we look at the app Long Kỷ Nguyên it was in the top 10 for a few days, then in the top 50 and went back in the top position by the end of the period. On the other hand, in the category Role-Playing, on the same date range, the top 10 stayed almost the same throughout the entire period. This indicates that you can really choose, according to your strategy, which market is more interesting for you.

Another noteworthy factor is that the country you work with can also impact the category. If we take the Games-trivia top chart in Myanmar, we notice that the steadiness observed in Vietnam is not there. It is quite the opposite, with apps going up and down, going from top 10 positions such as Injustice 2 to positions higher than the top 100.

Key Takeaways

To wrap up, keep in mind that with the view by growth, you will be able to:

  • Identify future competitors
  • Look out for potential apps to invest in
  • Identify specificities of each market
  • Deepen your understanding of a specific market
  • Choose your market according to its volatility

You can work with the growth or the rank view and learn many more insights. In addition, as you may have noticed, the 2 chart pop-ups are also very important to get a deeper understanding of the situation so don’t hesitate to use them!

Now that you have all the cards, don’t waste a minute and start playing with this new addition to the AppTweak tool.

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