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Marie-Laure Cruytby
CPO at AppTweak

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We’re proud to announce the release of our new ASO & Search Ads free chrome extension! This little extension will come in super handy when working on optimizing your app’s store listing or choosing the best keywords to bid on. With just one extension, you have access to 3 amazing features:

  1. Exact Search Popularity
  2. Country/Language Switcher
  3. Keyword Density Calculator

Let’s dive in to see all about them!

Exact Search Popularity

If you’re familiar with Search Ads, you probably know how tricky it is to choose the right keywords to bid on. You want to make sure the keyword drives enough traffic, to generate impressions, while not being too competitive, or you’ll end up paying a fortune!

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When browsing for keywords, Apple shows the Search Popularity of each keyword, to give you an idea of how popular they are. Apple indicates the popularity of a keyword as a bar, which makes it very difficult to compare similar keywords.

AppTweak web extension - view exact apple search popularity score

With AppTweak’s web extension installed, you’ll be able to see the exact value of the Search Popularity Score for any keyword you wish to bid on, so you’re sure to bid on the most worthwhile keywords.

Want more insights on Search Ads? Discover your app’s and competitors’ share of impressions on keywords with our Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard!

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Country/Language Switcher

When you’re working on your app’s store listing, you want to optimize each metadata element to maximize impressions and conversion on the store. Although your ASO work is mostly mobile-oriented, your app’s listing will also be shown on Apple’s Desktop App Store or Google’s Desktop Play Store.

You can view any app’s store listing in any country and language, that is, if you know the correct country and language tags. Well don’t worry, we’ve just made it much easier to compare your app’s (or your competitor’s) store listing across markets.

Easily compare your app’s metadata with competitors thanks to our ASO Overview.

With the AppTweak web extension installed, you’ll be able to choose from our selector the country and language you want to view the app in. In just a click, you can compare any app’s metadata across different countries and languages.

AppTweak Web extension - country / language switcher

This is a great tool, especially if you’re working on app localization. You can easily see if your competitors are localized in the countries you’re targeting. You can also check how good your localized screenshots or description look like in a given country.

Boost App Downloads with Localization: Step-by-Step Guide.

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Keyword Density Calculator

The app description is an important element of your app’s listing, although optimizing a description is hard work and time-consuming. You want the description to convince users of downloading your app by further explaining what it does and its best features. Make sure it is catchy, straight to the point and easy to read.

On the App Store, the description isn’t indexed by the Apple algorithm (although it is taken into account by search engines on our app’s iTunes page, so it should be optimized for SEO). On the other hand, the Play Store algorithm takes keyword density in app descriptions into account. In other words, the more you repeat a keyword in your description, the more likely Google will rank your app on that keyword.

More tips on how to optimize your app description

With the AppTweak web extension installed, you’ll be able to see the most repeated keywords of any app’s description. The table will show you the number of times a keyword is repeated in the description and the density level of that word.

AppTweak web extension - Description Density calculator

This trick comes in handy to better understand what words your competitors are using most, maybe these are words you want to start using too…

If you like this feature, check out the free tool we made out of it!

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One install – 3 features

That’s it! We’ve gathered all three features into one same extension so you just have to download it once. If you’re only interested in one of the features, we’ve made easy to activate/deactivate the feature of your choice. When you click on the extension, you’ll see a small menu that shows you which features you’ve already activated. By clicking on the switch you can choose to hide or show the feature of your choice. Easy!

AppTweak web extension - activate / deactivate each feature
So there it is, a free ASO and Search Ads web extension to bring your work to the next level. Add the extension to your browser and make your ASO routine so much smoother!

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Marie-Laure Cruyt
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