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AppTweak is a great tool to analyze your performance on the app stores and view insights from your competitors. However, you may wish to have the perfect peer group, comparable to your app and relevant for all your analyses. This is why, now, AppTweak allows you to add competitors directly from the peer group created in your Google console! Let’s dive in and understand how it all works!

Add your peer group to your list of competitors

First of all, you need to add your Google Keyword Integration on AppTweak. To do so, click on the “Add competitors” button on the app page you have an integration for.AppTweak ASO Tool: Add Peer Group for Competitor Comparison

Click on the “+Add competitors” button on your app page to sync your Google console peer group.

Once you are in the “Add competitors” page, you will need to click on the “Add Google Keywords Integration” button, in the Peer group section.

AppTweak ASO Tool: Add Peer Group for Competitor Comparison

Connect your Google Console to upload your app’s peer group to AppTweak.

In order to allow AppTweak to sync with your Google Keywords account, you will just need to enter the confirmation code you got via email once you’ve invited the email address to your Google Developer account. Only the admin of your Google account will receive the email. As a result, be aware that it may be a different email from yours.

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AppTweak ASO Tool: Add Peer Group for Competitor Comparison

Invite to your console to complete the sync.

Once you have entered your confirmation code, we will show you the peer group Google automatically set for you, or the one you created yourself.

As soon as you close the pop-up, you will see the applications added to the Peer Group section. Then, all you have to do is add the apps you want to include in your competitors’ list.

AppTweak ASO Tool: Add Peer Group for Competitor Comparison

Access your Google Console Peer Group directly on AppTweak and add them as add competitors in just a click.

Why and how to monitor competition in the app stores

Importance of having the right peer group

This new feature is also the occasion to insist, once again, on the importance of choosing the right competitors. AppTweak is a great tool that shows many cross-competition views. This can be very informative and can help you learn from other apps. However, if you set your objectives on apps that are either too weak or, on the other hand, too strong, it will only make you set unrealistic and irrelevant goals.

For example, if you want to know how often your competitors are changing their metadata, you need to make sure you benchmark your app with comparable competitors. Otherwise, your competitor analysis could be misleading and prevent you from making the right decisions.

AppTweak ASO Tool: Compare your app's updates with competition

Comparing the updates of Namatata, Mindfulness, and Calm in AppTweak Timeline.

In the example above, we show you 3 different apps: Namatata,Mindfulness, and Calm. Namatata has an app power of 32, while the others have an app power higher than 80. Even if they offer similar features, we notice that Calm is updating its app more frequently. This doesn’t necessarily indicate that Namatata has to follow the same path. Calm is a much stronger app in the US and probably has more resources.

Spy on your competitors’ A/B tests on Android

In the Update Frequency Benchmark within AppTweak’s Timeline section, we can easily compare our app with relevant competitors and get a realistic view of our strategy compared to theirs.

AppTweak ASO Tool: Update Frequency Benchmark

Comparing apps’ update frequency with AppTweak’s Update Frequency Benchmark tool.

In this example, we took the same apps as for our previous example. Here, we want to see how often, in the last 6 months, our app is updating its metadata compared to our peer group. The graph shows that Namatata is updating many different metadata elements at a much higher frequency than the other competitors. However, Namatata is not as established as the other apps we selected, and is still in the process of finding the right set of visuals and texts for optimal conversion. These powerful apps are not a good point of comparison, since they are in a different stage of app maturity.

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Start learning from your peer group with AppTweak

To sum up, this feature will allow you to use AppTweak to its fullest and compare your app performance with a group of relevant apps that play in the same space. It will also help you set more realistic goals and get inspired by apps that are following the same trajectory as yours.

Go ahead and integrate your console to get valuable and actionable insights!

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