Impact of Italy lockdown on mobile apps

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It’s been about two weeks now that the Italian government has taken serious confinement measures to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. Most countries have followed, applying similar measures. Although this has a terrible impact on most businesses, some apps have become unusually popular recently. Check out the top trending apps on the Italian App Store by category.


With most people having to work from home, conference calling apps have seen a major peak in downloads

Impact of Italy lockdown on Business apps

Top-performing apps:

  • Zoom: 11k daily downloads
  • Hangouts by Google: 10k daily downloads
  • Microsoft Teams: 8k daily downloads


Schools have closed down and children are forced to stay home, parents have had no other choice but to turn towards digital education options.

Impact of Italy lockdown on Education apps

Top-performing apps:

  • Google classroom: 9k daily downloads
  • WeSchool: 4k daily downloads
  • Edmondo: 2k daily downloads


With everyone stuck at home and all usual leisure activities closed down, people have found other ways of distracting themselves, whether it be sharing funny videos on TikTok or catching up on their favorite series on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Impact of Italy lockdown on Entertainment apps

Top-performing apps:

  • TikTok: 8k daily downloads
  • Netflix: 5k daily downloads
  • Amazon Prime: 5k daily downloads

Food & Drink

The Food & Drink sector has turned upside down, with new popular apps appearing. Due to limited access to the outdoors, people have gotten into mobile grocery shopping.

Impact of Italy lockdown on Food & Drink apps

Top-performing apps:

  • Supermercato24: 2k daily downloads
  • Just Eat: 1.5k daily downloads
  • Deliveroo: 1k daily downloads

Health & Fitness

Keeping fit is another challenge when all gyms are closed, that’s all to the benefit to mobile alternatives!

Impact of Italy lockdown on Health & Fitness apps

Top-performing apps:

  • Nike Training Club: 7k daily downloads
  • 30 Day Fitness: 3k daily downloads
  • Female Fitness: 2k daily downloads

Social Networking

People have had to find new ways of exchanging with each other, and this involves different platforms. The top social networking apps are very different today compared to 30 days ago.

Impact of Italy lockdown on Social Networking apps

Top-performing apps:

  • Houseparty: 12k daily downloads
  • Skype for iPhone: 10k daily downloads
  • Tellonym: 7k daily downloads

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