5 Tips to Easily Monitor Your ASO Performance

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Are you trying to figure out how to implement ASO in your daily routine? Read on, here are 5 easy ASO steps to help you monitor your app’s performance on a 15 minutes daily basis ‍ .

ASO is a process that needs constant monitoring in order to keep up to date with all your competitors and emerging trends. Incorporate these 5 tips into your routine to monitor your app’s daily performance:

1.Check Your App Power History:

Check the App Power History to quickly detect changes in your app’s performance.

Quick reminder : “The App Power indicates the power of an app (from 0 to 100) based on its category ranking and overall ranking in the selected country.”

The App Power History is an effective feature that will help you rapidly identify the most important changes in the performance of your app or your competitors’ app. The App Power is a robust metric that takes into consideration important factors such as category rankings, the number of app downloads, user metrics, uninstall rates, etc.

⚠️When you take a look at your App Power history and you see a declining trend it indicates your category rankings are dropping and app downloads are decreasing.

Pro tip : Dig in deeper to identify if these changes are caused by modifications in your app’s or your competitor’s metadata (app name, app subtitle, screenshots, etc).

E.g. Here, the pink curve displays a decrease in App Power for “Pliq: A Marvelous Puzzle Game” in comparison with “Jigsaw Puzzle Epic” and “World Search Pro”, whose App Power seems to be more stable over time.

Read everything you need to know on this unique ASO performance indicator, the “App Power”

2. Monitor Your App’s Visibility Score:

Check the Visibility Score to understand your keyword’s movements and performance

One of the best ways to identify if your app is gaining or losing visibility in the stores is by taking a look at the “Visibility Score” graph. This helps you to monitor your ASO performance (and your competitors’) on a certain list of keywords for a specific period of time.

Take a look at your Visibility Score in the ‘Keywords Monitoring’ section on AppTweak. Adjust your date range to obtain a snapshot for a specific period. Compare your visibility score with your competitors and identify which keywords you gained or lost ranking positions for.

Pro Tip : Create different keyword lists such as brand names, competition keywords or focused keyword lists for a deeper analysis.

E.g. Here, we’re displaying the “Visibility Score” for a selection of keywords for “Udemy Online Courses & Classes” versus the competitors “Coursera: Top Online courses”, “Skillshare- online learning” and “LinkedIn Learning”, all for the iOS (USA). By using this graph, we can easily identify that “Udemy Online Courses & Classes” has been increasing its “visibility score” since April of 2019.

On AppTweak you can now rapidly find out in which type of Story or in which countries your app was published. Examine the “Featured Apps” section to understand more about your app’s and your competitor’s visibility in the Apple Store.

Pro tip : If you see a huge spike in “App Impressions” (number of times your app was viewed on the App Store for more than one second) and you are not sure where it came from we’ve got a hint for you: your app has probably been featured!

E.g. Here, we are displaying the Featured Stories from the 17th June 2019 for the US on the Apple Store.

⚠️To spot new opportunities, you can also have a look at the keywords the story ranks for. Just click into “Keywords” to see the list of keywords

E.g. Here, we are displaying for Guitarist’s Companion the list of keywords it has been raking for, the dates and their position in the Search Results by date.

Find Out When Your Apps Got Featured in the Today Tab

4. Watch your Reviews and Ratings

Decreasing ratings and negative reviews can have a huge impact on your conversion rate

Finally, “Reviews and Ratings” are your golden communication channel with your users. The “Reviews” are the best way to quickly catch up with what users are saying about your app, to find out what features need improvement and to understand what users are looking for in future releases.

Therefore, a healthy ASO routine definitely has to include constant routing of answering your reviews, especially the negative ones.

⚠️Remember, other users are influenced by Reviews & Ratings from other users when deciding whether or not to download your app.

In AppTweak, filter by keyword, date ranges, or rating to spot unanswered comments that can harm your app’s reputation. We will provide you with the link that will take you directly to your App Store Console to answer them.

E.g. Here, we’re displaying the “Reviews” for Uber for iOS (USA). You can apply different filters such as keywords, data range, from-to for a deeper analysis.

E.g. Here, we’re displaying the “Reviews” with a phone view for Uber for iOS (USA) by applying the filter of “Most critical” .

Get more tips on how to incorporate reviews and ratings to your daily routine

5. Monitor your App’s Most Important KPIs

Go-one-step further and integrate your App Store Connect with AppTweak to obtain quick insights into your app’s main KPIs:

Implementing a daily ASO routine is a great way to track your app’s performance.


  1. Check your “App Power” history daily to obtain a glance of big changes
  2. Check the “Visibility Score” to understand the performance of your keywords
  3. Keep your customers happy by checking your Reviews & Ratings
  4. Answer all reviews, specially the negative ones
  5. Integrate your App Store Connect with AppTweak to obtain quick insights into your app’s main KPIs

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